About Mels Patterns

I’m a UK-based surface pattern designer with years of experience crafting intricate pattern collections, textures, and design assets. With the recent surge in AI-generated imagery, I’ve ventured into creating repeat patterns using midjourney. I also run the popular website Mels Brushes

When exploring these AI-generated patterns, you might come across a few quirks – glitches, errors, or tiling issues – Remember, it’s not me, it’s the machine!

If you find yourself drawn to any of these patterns, I can refine and redraw them by hand, turning them into polished vector artwork that meets professional standards. Thanks for visiting!

Would you buy me a cuppa?

If you like these designs and enjoy using them, i’d be really happy if you would consider supporting me by giving a small donation to help support my time. In return, you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling of helping out a fellow creative, and help keep me in tea and digestive biscuits. Much love, Mel

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